• Dr. Liz Plowman, PT, DPT

Why Virtual PT?

What is your WHY?

I am frequently asked -- why virtual/telehealth PT? Why not open up a brick and mortar clinic like everyone else?

**Short answer: I am on a mission to help patients like me!**

In 2018, I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, a neurologic disease that causes severe muscle weakness. At my worst, I couldn't walk, get out of chair, drive, read a computer screen, chew and swallow my food, or dress myself. And most heartbreaking of all, I couldn't play with my young daughter. She'd beg me to play chase with her and lift her up in the air, but I couldn't do it. 💔

Thankfully, I had a hard-working medical team and a fantastic home health PT who helped me regain my function (PTs need PT too!!). But the price of getting better was that I no longer qualified for home health care. I still needed PT, but it took all of my energy just to get to the clinic. By the time I got out of my car and into the building, I was wiped out.

There had to be something better!

There are lots of patients out there like me. They need PT but can't easily access a clinic: **Hard to leave the house **Too much pain **Can't get childcare **Can't take the time off work **(And now) Staying home due to COVID-19

These are the patients I am on a mission to reach.

About a year ago, I discovered that virtual (telehealth) PT was not just a fleeting idea but a rapidly-growing part of PT practice, and I jumped on board! And I haven't looked back! If this sounds like something that could help you or someone you know, please reach out!

Call, email, or send me a FB message. I'm happy to chat, and I'd love to hear your WHY. (+1) 832-458-1480

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