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Make the choice for Physical Therapy

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Physical Therapy for the early onset of pain

Research has shown that those who do not join therapy for early pain, may develop into chronic, recurring pain; or further worsening of the health of the muscles and nerves. Common results of being untreated may lead to loss of immunity, interrupted sleeping, and lowered concentration. Pain Boss is here to help prevent the need for continual pain medications, and alleviate your pain.

Physical therapy improves disability, decreases pain, and reduces the need for medication. Starting physical therapy with the early onset of pain can even reduce the need for some surgeries. It can also increase your immune system, and prevent surgery.

Isn’t that fantastic?!

If you decide to ignore those pesky aches and pains, you are limiting yourself from doing activities that you enjoy and have a passion for. Ignoring a "little bit of pain" now can evolve into chronic, recurring pains. You may also develop joint inflammation, weakness, and even fatigue! At some point, your body will begin to compensate to accommodate the pains. For example, if your left hip hurts you will instinctively adjust your weight to the right half of the body to relieve that pain. But once you move to shift your weight equally on both sides, the pain will return again. And what will happen? You start shifting to the left again. And the same unfortunate cycle recurs.

Wouldn't you rather have a more permanent solution, versus taking pain medications every day?

We will help you empower yourself by tailoring a custom treatment plan specific to your therapy needs.

Tell us how you're doing!

Send us a message today, and let us know how you're doing! We would be delighted to give you information about getting rid of those chronic pains, and explain several methods we offer that may help!

We are standing by to hear from you. Let us help you be the boss of your pain! 832-975-7150

Thank you for reading the Pain Boss Physical Therapy blog! We strive to provide you with useful information regarding aches, pains, and chronic pains, as well as why Physical Therapy is right for you!

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